Surrey is encouraging all carers to get vaccinated against flu. This year the Surrey CCG collaborative, Surrey County Council and The Surrey and Sussex local pharmaceutical committee have approved a Surrey Carers flu jab voucher aimed at improving the uptake of Carer flu vaccination. These vouchers will be available through front line Carers Support Services and will be passed on to eligible carers to be presented at participating pharmacists


The seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to protect carers and the person they care for from the illness and will also help prevent the caring arrangement breaking down because the carer becomes unwell.

The latest ‘State of Caring’ survey shows there are 115,000 carers in Surrey providing unpaid care. Carers report that they find it difficult to attend routine medical appointments and are often forced to put off treatment themselves because of their caring responsibilities. Without proper support, carers are frequently pushed to breaking point which can affect their own health. This year’s Winter Wellbeing Campaign will spotlight carers’ health.

These free vouchers can be taken to participating pharmacists to be redeemed. The aim is to end a three year decline in carer flu vaccination uptake. Carers say it is often more convenient for them to visit their local pharmacist to receive a flu vaccine. The vouchers provide community pharmacies with assurance that the carer is known to carers services here in Surrey and is therefore entitled to a free vaccination.

For further information contact Debbie Hustings, Partnership Manager Carers, via email at