About us

At its simplest level Surrey Heartlands is a partnership of health and care organisations working together – with staff, patients, their carers, families and members of the public – to transform local services and support people to live healthier lives. 

Together we are known as an ‘Integrated Care System’ – partnerships where health organisations, the local authorities and others take a collective responsibility for improving the health of the local population, managing resources (including money) and making sure services are high quality.  We were one of the first 14 of these new systems in the country (there are now 17, with the expectation that all health and care areas will work this way by 2021).

You can read more about Integrated Care Systems.

This is a new and exciting way of working, creating a genuine partnership that will make a positive difference to local people and help join up health and social care.

Working together gives us a greater opportunity to make real, lasting change, far more than we could do by working independently. 

You can read more about us in our short leaflet (see right); and more about how our partners have pledged to work together in our Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (see right).

Who we are

Surrey Heartlands now covers the majority of Surrey; those areas looked after by the NHS Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group, along with all local NHS organisations and Surrey County Council.

You can read more about our partnership in our short leaflet.

The video below shows some real examples of the progress we have made.