A town-centre location has been found for a new maternity community hub in Woking. Working with Woking Borough Council, the Surrey Heartlands Maternity Together transformation team is hoping the new hub will open early in 2019, which will provide services for around 1,700 pregnant women a year.

“This is a great example of partnership working,” said Vicky Williams, Women and Children’s Programme Manager for Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership. “The new hub will be in a central location near parking and other amenities and it will bring people into Woking town centre.

“We’re planning to provide easy access to maternity care, run joint health and well-being programmes delivered by midwives, health visitors, mental health professionals and other health and social care teams as well as have space for a breast feeding café, clinics and consulting rooms. We are planning to involve clinicians, service users and other health and community professionals as we finalise arrangements for the hub.”

The building where the hub will be based is owned by Woking Borough Council and supports its town regeneration plans.

A maternity community hub has already been established at Ashford Hospital and there are plans to develop up to five hubs where most maternity care including post-natal support will be provided working in conjunction with GPs and local hospitals. Maternity care provided by a range of professionals and a range of organisations will be based at one location to provide patient-centred maternity care.

Once the community hubs are all open, most maternity and post-natal care will be provided from the hubs rather than GP surgeries or hospital. Each hub will be connected with the three main hospital trusts within Surrey Heartlands.