Good quality analysis and the ability to use information effectively is an essential element in any health care system. Analysis can help shape care for individual patients as well as informing decisions for services or across organisations and health systems.

Surrey Heartlands has secured funding from The Health Foundation‘s Advancing Applied Analytics programme which is aimed at improving analytical capability in support of health and care services. The local Hackathon project is a series of events focused on combining our data into more useful displays of information to help decision makers make better informed choices.

Integrating layers of data from different parts of the local health and care system and creating new displays of information, called data visualisations, is central to the Hackathon project. This was the first of three planned Hackathons and focused on diseases linked to the heart and blood circulation system.

The Hackathon series will be evaluated to see if it is a more effective and efficient way of supporting decision-makers when compared with more traditional approaches. The learning from this first event will help plan the next Hackathon, happening in the autumn, which will focus on informing the health needs for our local neighbourhoods of 30,000-50,000 people within Surrey Heartlands.