Surrey Care Record

The Surrey Care Record is undergoing a review in the light of a number of recent developments including the need to align closely with the new regional Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Record (TVS LHCR).

No patient data is currently being shared and to ensure accuracy of advice to patients and the public, the content of this page is being revised to reflect changes in operational conditions. New material will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available. More information about Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Record can be found here.

Why share health and care records?

  • Patients will not have to repeat their medical history or social care information every time they deal with a new member of staff or organisation. This will avoid errors, such as forgetting the name or dosage of an important medication.
  • In an emergency the health professionals would have access to basic health information (such as any medication you may be taking or allergies you may have) which will help them provide the best and most appropriate care.
  • Care professionals will be able to find shared information when they need it – such as any test results – helping to avoid unnecessary appointments and further tests

The power of shared health and care records

  • Harnessing the power of digital services and innovation to enable individuals and communities to manage their health and stay well
  • Mobilising data using advanced analytics to help focus resources and improve patient outcomes
  • Engaging people in their own care and treatment – improving outcomes, reducing unnecessary follow up appointments, and reducing emergency admissions
  • Sharing information between GPs, hospitals, community, mental health and social care for the benefit of patients