The Royal College of General Practitioners’ Research and Surveillance Centre (RCGP RSC) and Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership are at the centre of an NHS England-backed project to create a new way to understand the workload demand on GPs.

Workload is a challenge for primary care in England and having a greater understanding of its elements – and what might be managed by other agencies – is a priority for the RCGP and the NHS.

GPs are in short supply while demand increases; driven by the wish to raise standards of care, an ageing population, and advances in methods of treatment and technology.

The new national workload and case-mix observatory will be created at the RCGP RSC secure data and analytics hub at the University of Surrey.

The project depends crucially on doubling the number of GP practices that subscribe to the Research and Surveillance Centre, which is already an internationally renowned source of information, analysis and interpretation. It collects and monitors data, in particular influenza and other respiratory diseases, from more than 260 practices across England. The Centre also contributes to vaccine effectiveness monitoring.

Expanding the RCGP RSC and capturing additional data will provide a national workload and case-mix observatory to report current workload levels, in near-real time. It will also help development of quality improvement dashboards at practice level.

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