In Surrey Heartlands, we are lucky to have a thriving culture of continuous improvement, as many of our organisations have embraced quality improvement: Vital Signs (Royal Surrey), IHI Model for Improvement (Surrey and Borders Partnership and Ashford and St Peters), Lean (Surrey County Council), Virginia Mason (Surrey and Sussex) and others. The Surrey Improvers Network connects all these teams and activities, and is a great forum where we can put aside the improvement ‘brand’ and focus on helping each other and sharing knowledge.

The Surrey Improvers Network has been awarded funding by the Health Foundation as part of its Connecting Q Locally programme. We will use this funding to run a 12 month, system-wide ‘Improvement Collaborative’ bringing people together to learn from and motivate each other to improve quality and look at how we can create a culture of continuous improvement across Surrey Heartlands.

This collaborative will bring together around 100 people from across the system, meeting quarterly with virtual connections in between. We will start recruiting for participants soon, so keep a look out if you are interested.

We’re anticipating that the first event will run in June. However, we are mindful of the current situation with Covid-19 so we are exploring virtual conferencing options. More details will follow soon.

We will use a structured approach to encourage participants to share and exchange skills, both at the quarterly events but also in-between meetings using the Hexitime platform.

Collaborative meetings will combine teaching sessions, keynote speakers and presentations sharing learning and improvement work, with practical opportunities for participants to network, access coaching, and develop supportive peer relationships through collective problem solving.

This community will meet to address the challenge of how to embed a culture of continuous improvement in an integrated care system, generating cross-system relationships and sharing improvement approaches and expertise.

If you want to find out more about what quality improvement is or learn how another organisation does improvement, you can do this through our shared training offer here.

We have some exciting new projects in development which we will be announcing shortly. In the meantime, you can explore the ambition and work of the Surrey Improvers Network here.