In Surrey, it is estimated that nearly 500 people face problems of homelessness, substance misuse and offending in any one year. Within this group, a majority will have experienced mental health problems. They fall through the gaps between services and systems, making it harder for them to address their problems and lead fulfilling lives.

Supported by Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) – a coalition of national charities including Clinks and Homeless Link – Surrey Adults Matter is one of only 27 MEAM partnerships across England. Our aim is to design and deliver better coordinated services for people facing multiple disadvantage to facilitate a shift to crisis prevention for those experiencing multiple disadvantage by 2022.

Surrey Adults Matter has just recruited a Senior Partnership Manager to liaise with partners across the system to improve outcomes for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. They will work closely with partners, peer mentors and existing services, with oversight of people’s whole journey through the system; able to identify barriers, challenge local systems and recognise gaps in service provision or the training needs of providers.

For more information, please visit Healthy Surrey.